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The purpose of the Growth Model Users Group is to promote the exchange of ideas, tips/techniques and issues involving the use of forest growth models in the Pacific Northwest.  Membership is open to anyone.  Meetings are held 1 or 2 times a year, usually in the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver Washington area.

The format of our meetings is informal.  Sessions usually start with a couple of presentations from practitioners or developers.  Presentations are followed by discussion and feedback.

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Next Meeting
The next meeting will be scheduled for Fall, 2016. Details when available can be found HERE. If you have ideas, suggestions, or a talk you would like to give, let us know.

Timber Supply Modeling Users Group Anonymous (http://groups.google.com/group/tsugapnw)
To get on the list email tsugapnw@gmail.com

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Does your company/agency use stem-level bucking optimization for merchandising your inventory?
No, current merchandiser predictes accurate product volumes
No, does not predict realistic recovered volumes
No, never looked into its use
No, not available
No, not time and cost effective at stand- or forest-level
Yes, e.g, to gain insights into current log bucking practices,etc.
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