Growth Model Users Group
Common Growth Model Interface Project

This project is an interactive, collaborative effort to establish a common interface for growth models. GMUG members, growth modelers, and others are encouraged to contribute interface ideas and comment on previously listed items. The objective is to establish an interface that all growth models would adhere to so that Decision Support Tools could work with multiple models with minimal change.

Current Work Products:

Tree Record structure (C/C++, VB, FORTRAN) __tree_record.txt 07/26/2001
Tree Record variable definitions __tree_record_definition.txt 07/26/2001
Species Codes species_codes.txt 07/06/2001
Stand Record structure (C/C++) __stand.txt 09/27/2001
Species Info structure (C/C++) __sp_info.txt 07/26/2001

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No. Date Contributor Summary
11/2/2001 9:41:51 AM
jeff hamann multiple variants in one file?
11/2/2001 3:12:41 PM
Greg Johnson RE: multiple variants in one file?
12/18/2001 8:56:47 AM
dave hamlin RE: RE: multiple variants in one file?
10/1/2002 9:51:41 PM
Greg Johnson may need to add a "shadow crown" attribute to tree

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